Squarespace Full Customization

Squarespace Full Customization

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Squarespace Website Template Customization has never been so easy! Sit back and let Red Met Yellow Creative install and customize your Squarespace Website Template with your logo, color, fonts, galleries, photos, text and content! All Red Met Yellow Products include full tech support and customer service with heart!

Don't forget to purchase a Squarespace Plan

This package includes:

  1. Adding your custom logo or editing and adding your template logo
  2. Changing template colors to match your branding colors
  3. Changing template fonts to match your branding fonts
  4. Transferring your blog posts
  5. Installing your text and photos
  6. Up to 5 Design Modifications (This means adding a new page or change the design on any of the demo pages.  If you need examples of this, let me know! Also, if you need more than 5 design modifications, check out our CUSTOM DESIGN ADD-ONS.)
  7. Completed in 7-10 Business Days

Our SQUARESPACE FULL CUSTOMIZATION FORM is sent to you in an email after your purchase! You'll need to gather up your current/correct webhost login info, Squarespace info, website text and photos! (Worried about privacy?  Feel free to use temporary passwords during installation or contact us for more information.)

Once your customizations are complete, you will receive an email with easy to follow instructions explaining how to add your own text and photos as well as some common customizations you might decide to try on your own!