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Botanica Squarespace Template & Expert Install

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Botanica for Squarespace balances elegant sparkle and organic glow. Dressed with simple, classic typography and fresh, delicate details, this template shows your photography in a new light making it irresistible for the feminine minimalist.

Botanica includes four Page Templates:
Home Page • About Page • Blog Page • Contact Page

And three editable Photoshop Page Templates*
Investment Page • Reviews Page • Press Page

Botanica also includes these features:
Full Width Masthead Image • Footer Design
Two About Page Photo Layouts • Pull Quote Template
Three Post Layout Templates • Social Media Icons

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          Things to know:

          • Photoshop Templates are meant to be edited with Adobe Photoshop CS/higher or Photoshop Elements 11/higher.
          • Included in your download is an Instructional PDF as a simple guide for you to create something perfect for your business!

          * Photoshop Page Templates are meant to be edited with Adobe Photoshop CS/higher or Photoshop Elements 11/higher.
          * Photoshop Page Templates are partly Photoshop files and partly Squarespace Blocks. Per the instructions, the Photoshop file will be added to your website as a flattened image. This means you cannot add links within the design. You may add ALT text to this image if you feel you need additional SEO. The part of the template that contains buttons will include areas to add links.


          This template is compatible with Squarespace only. Due to the nature of this product, under any circumstances, refunds are not given. You may not resell, redistribute, or use this template in any way other than for your business. Red Met Yellow is not responsible for prior website content or previous Squarespace template customizations. 

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