Meet us

Hi! We're Red Met Yellow Creative, but you
can call us Megan & Meghan!

As a designer/photographer duo, we understand the importance of having your brand's personality jump off the screen and into the hearts of everyone who sees it! We believe that truly great design is straight forward and simple and our company is as open and honest as the designs we create.

When we're designing our products, we go all in and we don't stop until we get it right. We search endlessly for perfect fonts that are both classic and exciting and color combinations that add a layer of beauty without causing distraction. We are constantly researching what's new and useful, so that each design is our best work yet.

We designed Red Met Yellow's first business card in December of 2007. When we held that little beauty in our hands, we knew we had something special and now, over ten years later, that still rings true!