ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7 Conversion

ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7 Conversion

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Want to enjoy all that ProPhoto 7 has to offer without losing your ProPhoto 6 customizations?  We've got you covered!  RMY is now offering ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7 website template conversions and it couldn't be easier! We'll have everything fully installed within 3-5 business days! Now, sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting!

The ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7 Conversion includes:

  1. ProPhoto 7 Installation *
  2. Conversion of your ProPhoto 6 Template to ProPhoto 7 format
  3. Conversion of all of your current customizations

* Purchase of ProPhoto 7 Upgrade not included - You can do that here!
* No template purchase necessary

Why should I have RMY convert my website to ProPhoto 7?

  • RMY will make sure your template imports to ProPhoto 7 seamlessly!
    You can import any ProPhoto 6 Template to ProPhoto 7, which is really helpful, but there are still settings that automatically carry over from ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7! If you want a seamless transition from ProPhoto 6 to ProPhoto 7, this package is for you! 
  • ProPhoto 6 will eventually become outdated. Yikes!
    ProPhoto will still be offering bug fixes and maintaining compatibility with WordPress, however, using previous versions will only hinder your site's potential!
  • ProPhoto 7 has a ton of awesome and super useful features that you are missing out on!
  • RMY can convert your ProPhoto 6 website to ProPhoto 7 without losing a single customization you've made! Learning how to use a new version of ProPhoto takes some time. Let us do the hard part up front, while you familiarize yourself with the new version at your own pace!


Compatible with ProPhoto only. No other template can be used with this package. Due to the nature of this product, under any circumstances, refunds are not given. You may not resell, redistribute, or use our designs in any way other than for your business. Red Met Yellow is not responsible for prior website content or previous ProPhoto template customizations.

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