With Love From Florence

It's been a little, tiny second since we've been able to dedicate time to creating new template designs, but when you come across a set of photos this perfect, you have to press pause and get to work.  With this design, we knew right away that we wanted to showcase the photos in a more artistic way, while still giving our clients the layout features we know they need.  There's something about the two portrait images right off the bat that make you slow down for a second and really look at the images.  We did end up including a second homepage layout option for those who prefer a slideshow because we get so many requests for that, but the overall feeling we wanted to achieve was... slow down and take a second!



The hand-drawn, charcoal logo font (drawn by our own Meghan Stovall!!!) definitely sets the scene throughout the design as well.  It's reminds me of a love letter or travel journal that someone put a lot of care into.  



If you can't tell by now, we were really into portrait oriented photos this time around.  We just haven't seen a lot of that and oddly enough, we find that people really struggle with finding places for portraits throughout their websites because landscapes templates are more common.  You can definitely switch these out for landscapes if you wanted to, but we were pretty pumped to give portraits their day in the sun.



We got such a great response from our watercolor design elements throughout Belle Mere and we've been wanting to incorporate that, on a larger scale for a while now.  It works so well in this template and it really gives it something organic and tangible.  We love light and airy SO much that it can be painful for us to keep adding to a design once we see the stark, clean look of a white page with a beautiful photo on it, but you need an anchor and something that takes it all to the next level.  The watercolor is perfect for that.  It warms everything up a bit!



We decided to keep this design as minimal as possible to keep the price down because I think with so many options available, creative business owners want to keep changing and evolving, but adding a pricing page was something that we felt people needed and almost always ask for.  I think people are getting a beautiful design for such a great price here because we fell in love with the design and just kept adding to it, haha.



We love a pretty about page.  I know I always go straight to this page when I'm snooping on someone's website, so it's got to be engaging in order to keep the viewer looking around.  There's nothing worse than missing a potential client because you have a page that lacks detail and charm.



Contact pages are tricky, I think.  You've got to keep it clean and simple and there isn't always a lot of information that goes on this page, so the photo you choose really matters here.  A statement photo is our go to in this situation!



Like the rest of the template, this blog style can be customized in a more traditional way, but we're so into the grid style blog right now!  It's easy to scroll through and find something that pops out to you!  I am always so relieved when I see this blog style because having to scroll too far gives me a straight up hand cramp!



Well, I guess that concludes the first draft of my tell all book.  I hope you enjoyed having a peek into the mind of Red Met Yellow.  Yes, we share one mind.  As always, if you have any questions or just wanna chit chat, hit us up at redmetyellow@gmail.com!  As my 4 year old son regularly says, "PEACE OFF!"