The V Famous Clean Sweep

Guys!  What do you do when menu links mysteriously stop working or website photos misplace themselves?!  Who do you call when you casually decide to check out your website on your smartphone and somehow everything has shifted around leaving your clients and customers frustrated and helpless and you anxious and ready to rumble?!  These are the moments that cause intense panic among business owners and we're the gals you call for help! 
The RMY CLEAN SWEEP PACKAGES have website glitches and bugs shaking in their boots because now we not only offer a ONE TIME CLEAN SWEEP, but we're rolling out the red carpet for folks who want to keep things neat and tidy on the regular by offering a MONTHLY CLEAN SWEEP PLAN as well!  Now, you can sign up for a 6 MONTH PLAN or a 12 MONTH PLAN!
Next time you're face to face with website troubles, I want you to imagine a scene like this...
(Photo of the badass gal Ghostbusters was found on Google)
With the RMY Clean Sweep, we will meticulously look over and correct all of the visible pages on your website!  We will also squash any little bugs, fix any messed up links and correct anything that's out of whack! We'll also fix your template formatting and functionality on ALL browser sizes including mobile devices! We will even make a list of any suggestions we might have and if we find anything that needs extra attention, we'll let you know right away, so we can get it fixed up for you in a jiffy!

(Photo of the badass gal Ghostbusters was found on Google)